Hydrate Alaska

Hydrate AK’s IV hydration therapies are each designed to help anyone look and feel their best! Our certified staff of doctors and nurses treat individuals with dehydration, hangover symptoms, and cold and flu, as well as people who want detoxification, an anti-aging or weight-loss boost, increased mental clarity, or freedom from migraines and exhaustion.

Our professionally prepared infusion blends are loaded with essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants, which are 100% absorbed by your body through painless IV infusion. Our medical team can also provide specialized infusions, such as antibiotics, as needed and directed by your primary health provider.

Hydrate Alaska is a veteran-owned company, and is owned and operated by a licensed surgeon.

who can benefit from our services?

Hydrate AK clients come from all walks of life! Our clients benefit from extra vitamins, nutrients and hydration, especially after a night out, a hard workout or hike with friends, frequent flights or everyday stresses.

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“The compression recovery that hydrate alaska offers allows me to keep my legs fresh after long flights and recover after bike rides, runs, swims and skiing!”

– Todd E., Alaska Airlines Pilot