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The Hydrate AK mobile clinic brings our treatments to you at events around the state!

Contact us about renting Hydrate Alaska’s mobile clinic — perfect for events, private parties, group hydration/infusions, and more. From pre/post-wedding, bachelor/bachelorette parties to concerts, health fairs, and outdoor events — our focus is on helping you look and feel your best

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“Love the staff and their specials keep getting better and better!”

—Cassidy H.


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Perfect skin and maximum energy for you and your wedding party before the big day! Make sure everything goes great on your special day.

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Before the Game

Get ready for game day with our special athlete IVs and make sure the whole team performs their best. If you’ll have us, we’d love to partner with your team as well!

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Private Parties

Treat you and your friends to a vitamin boosted pre-game before one crazy night. Ask us about post party recovery as well!

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