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Infrared Sauna

Harnessing the transformative power of light, this innovative technology converts light energy into therapeutic heat, offering a realm of benefits that echo the cellular enhancements observed with Red Light therapy. Utilizing our premier Sunlighten Saunas, users not only receive the immediate comfort of warmth but also a myriad of long-term health advantages. They’ve demonstrated potential in addressing persistent health challenges such as high blood pressure, heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis. Beyond these remarkable therapeutic impacts, users often report a noticeable improvement in skin health, a surge in vitality, expedited recovery post-exercise, anti-aging effects, rejuvenating sleep, and an overall uplift in well-being.

Infrared Sauna with NAD+

The potent combination of Infrared Sauna and NAD+ therapy stands as a beacon in the realm of holistic health. Infrared Sauna, with its deep skin penetration, promotes detoxification, improves circulation, and aids relaxation. Concurrently, NAD+ is a vital coenzyme for cellular health, crucial for energy production, DNA repair, and overall cellular vitality.

When these therapies unite, they offer a remarkable synergy. This pairing not only enhances the body’s detox processes but also supercharges cellular function and rejuvenation. For those aiming for optimal health, this combination presents a transformative path to reaching those wellness aspirations.

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Our experienced and dedicated team is ready to introduce you to the transformative power of Infrared Sauna. Whether you’re keen to understand the underlying science, eager to experience our premier Sunlighten Saunas, or looking for a comprehensive wellness plan, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on the myriad of health benefits waiting for you. Contact our specialists today and embark on a path to holistic wellness and rejuvenation.

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